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1 Million ABHA created on Eka Care

Eka Care, an ABDM-integrated platform that offers connected healthcare services to its users has crossed the milestone of creating 1 million Ayushman Bharat Health Accounts (ABHA – previously known as Health IDs).

ABDM is the Indian government’s digital framework to connect patients, doctors, and other stakeholders to facilitate the safe and secure movement of health information such as prescriptions and discharge summaries across the ecosystem with patient consent. While the ABDM was first spoken about by the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech, 2020, work started as early as 2018. Today, most of the large hospital chains and diagnostic labs are in various stages of integration and we will soon start seeing more and more providers linked to ABDM.

Eka Care became the first private healthcare platform authorized to enable citizens of India to create their ABHA under Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission (ABDM). The creation of ABHA Numbers will standardize the process of identifying an individual across healthcare entities in the ecosystem.

Amit Bharti, founding team member at Eka Care said, “Since the public launch of ABDM in September 2021, we have observed a continuous increase in the number of users creating their ABHA. Users can create their unique ABHA number in less than a minute using our website, app (Android & iOS), or through our WhatsApp platform.”

In order to issue a unique ABHA number, Eka Care will require basic demography and contact details from its users and pass them on to the ABDM system. Eka Care handles customer information as per ABDM data compliance policy. The unique number can be used to seamlessly  exchange medical records with ABDM integrated healthcare providers. When you want to share these records, you can give your ABHA details to the entity that wants access to the records.

Data privacy is built in the basic design of ABDM. No sharing of health information happens without your explicit consent. The receiving entity raises a consent for your records which you need to approve through PHR App. Once approved, the records move from the sharing entity to the receiving entity. In case you decline the request, no information sharing happens. From the creation of your unique health identity to managing the consents, Eka Care has deeply integrated with ABDM to provide end to end PHR App experience. 

On Eka Care Personal Health Record (PHR) App, Apart from creating ABHA, users can manage consents, fetch and share medical records with healthcare providers, book their Cowin slots (including booster dose), download vaccination (Cowin) certificates, connect with verified and experienced doctors, and take self-assessment to understand their health conditions to make informed decisions.

Eka Care was founded in early 2021, and since then, more than 8.5 million users have used Cowin services on the Eka Care platform, which has enabled the downloads of approximately 15 Million certificates using the Eka app, website, and WhatsApp interface. Eka care has served more than 576 districts in India and it intends to build a digitally-enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem between doctors and patients to drive better health outcomes.

The platform which is available in 12 languages enables every Indian family to create their health profiles, store health records such as vaccination charts for kids, developmental milestones, prescriptions, lab reports, and scans. Eka Care, which already has over 1.8 million downloads, allows users to share records with healthcare providers. Symptoms Checker, a unique feature, enables doctors to efficiently and effectively diagnose underlying medical conditions while enhancing reporting capabilities for patients.

For the healthcare providers, Eka Care is building a secured full-stack platform to facilitate better tracking and reporting of outcomes for both doctors as well as patients. The platform offers features like appointment management, hassle-free communication between doctor and patients, AI-driven digital prescriptions that reduce errors and improve the quality of prescriptions, integrated payments, and high-end in-clinic telemedicine Solutions. From giving doctors an understanding of their data through analytics to communicating with patients regularly, Eka Care has it all.


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