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10-Year-Old Boy Suffering from Cancer due to Tobacco Consumption

According to the recent Global Youth Tobacco survey, 1/5th of Indian teenagers (13 – 15 years old) use tobacco products. 38% of teenagers are addicted to cigarettes, 47% are addicted to Bidi and 52% are smokeless tobacco users, amongst them many picked up the habit of tobacco consumption before they turned 10 years old!

Case: One month ago, a teacher noticed her 10-year-old student having pain and discomfort in his oral cavity and she decided to get him to HCG Manavta Cancer Care Hospital for a check-up. The teacher herself is a breast cancer survivor who was treated at Manavata, so she knew the team there.

The doctor noticed ulcerous growth in the oral cavity and the biopsy report indicated that the growth was cancerous. Appalled, at such a kid having oral cancer, they questioned him as a juvenile and he admitted that he saw his father consume tobacco products, and he started to quietly consume the leftovers from the dad’s packets.

The cancer has rapidly spread in his body leading to an amputation of this body part. He is currently undertaking treatment at Manavata.


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