Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Michael F. Arrigo, C.E.O. of No World Borders, said, “Over 75 million Americans have healthcare coverage from an employer self-insured health plan. Employer fully funded plans cover nearly an equal number of Americans.  As a result, employers are in the healthcare business.  They should have data, tools, and technology to drive cost savings.” Arrigo continued, “Our research indicates that up to one-third of the $billions in medical costs to employers are caused by injuries that are the result of a third-party cause.  Using our patent-pending process, analytics, and expert medical bill review, self-insured healthcare purchasers can avoid paying for medical costs that is someone else’s responsibility.  Third-party administrators of ERISA self-insured plans do not always have the tools to evaluate third-party liability, which, if pursued, could significantly reduce the ERISA plan’s costs.  These solutions are also valuable for fully-funded plans, automobile, and property and casualty insurers.”

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