Surgeons at Narayana Health performing a robotic-assisted ampullectomy using the da Vinci system.
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A New Lease on Life: Patient Experiences Remarkable Recovery Following Innovative Robotic Surgery at Narayana Health

In a heartwarming development, a 60-year-old woman has been granted a new lease on life following an innovative robotic-assisted surgery performed at Narayana Health, one of Bengaluru’s leading multispecialty hospitals.

The patient, Mrs. Sheetal Kumari (name changed), came to Narayana Health with severe abdominal pain. Detailed scans revealed a complicated periampullary tumor in her pancreas. This type of tumor often necessitates a highly intricate and risky Whipple procedure, but thanks to the advanced robotic technology available at Narayana Health, a less invasive alternative was made possible.

Dr. Ashwinikumar Kudari, a prominent Robotic Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist, led the team of experts, including Dr. Jayant Mulchandani and Dr. Mohammed Shies Sadat. They performed a state-of-the-art robotic-assisted ampullectomy using the da Vinci Robotic System by Intuitive.

However, this story is not just about the cutting-edge technology and the expertise of the surgeons. It is about the profound impact that this surgery had on Mrs. Kumari’s life.

Mrs. Kumari, speaking about her experience, expressed immense gratitude towards Dr. Kudari and the team. She said, “I was very nervous about the procedure. However, Dr. Kudari and his team did an excellent job in ensuring my safety and comfort. I am happy that now I am healthy and better.”

This statement resonates deeply, highlighting the importance of patient-centered care and the potential for technology to transform lives. Mrs. Kumari’s quick recovery and improved quality of life serve as a testament to the advancements in surgical procedures and their life-altering benefits.

Robotic-assisted surgery, as in Mrs. Kumari’s case, has the advantages of smaller incisions, less pain, reduced infection risks, and faster recovery times. These benefits not only contribute to better clinical outcomes but also significantly improve the patient’s well-being and peace of mind.

As we celebrate the triumphant outcome of this surgical procedure, it is important to recognize the real-life impact that medical advancements can have on individuals. Through the combined efforts of expert healthcare professionals and innovative technology, Narayana Health has exemplified the possibilities of modern medicine in enhancing and saving lives.

The team at Narayana Health remains committed to utilizing advanced technologies to provide compassionate and patient-centered care, changing lives for the better, one procedure at a time.


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