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A stark rise in the demand for female hygiene products as the menstrual cup category climbs to 30% in the past two years – Assiduus Reports

A recent report released by Assiduus, the world’s fastest-growing AI-powered cross-border E-commerce Accelerator, noted a considerable growth in the demand for female hygiene products at Amazon. This has invariably helped in cultivating awareness regarding female hygiene in the country. The report revealed that with the rise in demand, the menstrual cup category had climbed to 30% from 28% in the last two years.
In that connection, Assiduus has helped eco-friendly D2C brands in the female hygiene space like StoneScoup (18%) and Amtrue (12%) register significant increases in sales. The company is dedicated to enabling its partners, launch, scale, and assert visible growth across E-commerce marketplaces. It is a staunch supporter of innovative brands that strive to provide sanitary protection products as reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups in a sustainable format.
The report cited considerable growth in awareness around female hygiene but indicated there is a significant scope for improving the status of women’s intimate health. Of the 170 women surveyed from metro cities, 60% of respondents said they were not willing to use a menstrual cup stating discomfort as the top reason followed by lack of information. Also, 44% of the users said they buy sanitary protection products online while 11% of users said they use menstrual cups.
Moreover, of the 150 women surveyed from tier-2 and tier-3 cities, 50% said they were willing to use menstrual cups. Majority women in non-metropolitan cities prefer using menstrual cups as they are cheaper as compared to sanitary pads.
Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Somdutta Singh, CEO & Founder, Assiduus, said, “As a responsible and conscious corporate entity, our company has always been at the forefront of women empowerment. In that same spirit, we consciously chose to support brands that are offering eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in the female hygiene space to stir some much-needed awareness regarding women’s intimate health. This is the main objective behind onboarding brands that offer sustainable and affordable menstrual cups for women. The fact that we previously had a brand that produced customized period-time panties is testament to our commitment towards providing every woman with meaningful solutions that she truly deserves.”
There are numerous challenges that deter the marketing of sustainable and eco-friendly female hygiene products due to the absence of mainstream advertising. It is important that e-commerce accelerators like Assiduss empower D2C brands to spark further innovation in this essential segment. The government should also provide incentives to brands manufacturing sustainable menstrual cups and sanitary pads and should also extend these at subsidized rates to women living in remote regions.


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