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Aditya Birla Health Insurance launches ‘Health Add-Ons’

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited. (ABHICL), the health insurance subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL), a significant non-bank financial services conglomerate, has launched ‘Health Add-ons’, a range of six unique add-on covers that can be added to the existing indemnity plans to provide a comprehensive cover at an affordable price. These Health Add-ons can be added to ABHICL’s retail indemnity plans such as Activ Health, Activ Assure and Activ Care.

In the recent times, investing in health insurance has become an important part of financial planning to protect your loved ones from medical emergencies. These ‘Health Add-ons’ will enable policyholders and their families to safeguard their future. The new set of health riders with specially designed add-ons can be attached with standalone health insurance plans such as Activ Health, Activ Assure and Activ Care.

Speaking about the launch of Add-ons, Mr. Mayank Bathwal, CEO, Aditya Birla Health Insurance said, “In today’s uncertain times, customers continuously look for comprehensive health cover. In order to help them expand their universe of indemnity, we have launched a set of add-on riders that can be added to our retail indemnity plans. The six new health add-ons will provide extra protection to the policyholders by making their health insurance policies more robust and comprehensive. Available at an affordable premium, customers can now avail multiple benefits like protection of no claim bonus, cover for vaccines, tele-OPD consultations, and more.” 

The six new add-ons are namely, Future Secure, Cancer Hospitalisation Booster, Vaccine Cover, Personal Accident, reduction in PED waiting period and Tele-OPD Consultation. The key features of these products include:

1.       Future Secure Add-On:

Non-Medical Expense waiver – The rider covers the cost of non-medical Items during hospitalization arising out of illness or injury during the policy period.

Sum Insured Inflation protection – Helps with the additional increase in the sum insured of the base policy based on inflation rate in the previous calendar year as an inflation protector

No Claim Bonus Protector – Ensures no impact or reduction on ‘Any No Claim Bonus’ accrued at renewals, if total claims paid in the previous policy year of the base policy does not exceed the 25% of the sum insured of the base policy.

2.       Cancer Hospitalization Booster:  Customer will get up to 100% additional sum insured of the base policy towards medical expenses incurred for hospitalization in case of “Cancer of Specified Severity”. It also covers pre and post hospitalization expenses up to the sum insured of the base policy on reimbursement basis.

 3.       Vaccine Cover:  Customer will be able to get vaccination cover for protection against any diseases which are declared as pandemic or epidemic by World Health Organization (WHO) or Central Government or State Government

4.       Personal Accident:  Claims in case of accidental death and permanent total disability (100 % of the sum insured) and a portion of the sum insured in case of permanent partial disability, if the said event occurs within 12 months of the accident. It also offers a cumulative bonus of 5% per claim free year, up to maximum 50% of Sum Insured

5.       Reduction in PED waiting period: If this Add-on cover is opted at the inception of the first policy with the insurer and they have accepted the same, then they will reduce the applicable Pre Existing disease waiting period for claims related to Pre-Existing Diseases to the period as opted and specified in the policy schedule/product benefit table.

·         Option 1 : 4 Yrs to 2 Yrs

·         Option 2 : 4 Yrs to 1 Yr

·         Option 3 : 3 Yrs to 2 Yrs

·         Option 4 : 3 Yrs to 1 Yr

6.       Tele – OPD Consultation: Medically necessary consultations / e- consultation and/or tele consultation will be provided from medical practitioners within network provider’s network on out-patient basis pertaining to an illness, injury contracted or sustained during the policy period.

Available at very affordable premiums, customers can choose one or multiple Add-on covers by paying additional premium. Same add-on covers are allowed with multiple base policies, subject to underwriting. However, Health Add-ons cannot be purchased in isolation or as a separate product.

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