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AI at the Forefront of Cancer Care: Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Pioneers Personalized Prostate Cancer Treatments

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the medical field, and Avenda Health is leading the charge with its cutting-edge Unfold AI system for prostate cancer treatment. With the support of machine learning, Unfold AI is changing the game by providing highly accurate 3D visualizations of prostate cancer, enabling doctors to customize treatments for individual patients.

The effectiveness of Unfold AI has been demonstrated through a study led by the Department of Urology at Stanford University School of Medicine, and published in the European Urology Open Science. The study, which included 50 prostate cancer patients, revealed that Unfold AI could accurately determine the extent of prostate cancer, surpassing the limitations of standard MRI technology.

This is a watershed moment, as conventional MRI methods are unable to determine the full extent of the tumor. Consequently, patients are often subjected to the whole-prostate treatment, which is known for causing adverse effects such as loss of sexual or urinary function in nearly 50% of cases.

Shyam Natarajan, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Avenda Health, stated that this breakthrough comes after nearly a decade of research and development. He expressed enthusiasm about the future of prostate cancer care, which hasn’t seen major advancements in almost 40 years.

Unfold AI allows for more tailored treatment options, including surgery, focal therapy, and active surveillance. By enabling a patient-specific treatment planning approach, the technology reduces the risk of leaving cancer behind or causing unintended damage to sensitive tissues.

Unfold AI received FDA clearance in late 2022, setting the stage for a new standard of care in prostate cancer treatment.

Avenda Health’s vision is to ensure that prostate cancer patients receive personalized, high-quality care, preserving their quality of life and preventing recurrence.

For more information about this breakthrough technology, visit avendahealth.com.


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