Pandemic Pulse

Ascending to the COVID Challenge, Integra Software Services sets up 161 oxygen beds for govt medical clinic in Puducherry at an expense of Rs. 30.00 Lakhs

As an association that firmly puts stock in rewarding the local area, Integra Software Services stretches out help to the local area and industry by giving basic pandemic administration help.

Integra Software Services, situated in Puducherry, India, is effectively helping its representatives to assist them with exploring through the pandemic circumstance and is adding to society by supporting the state government in its battle against COVID.

As well as giving thorough COVID alleviation measures, as a feature of representative government assistance drives, the association has additionally been in contact with the Government of Puducherry for their particular necessities and prerequisites connected with general wellbeing. In the wake of being educated regarding the requirement for oxygen beds in Government Medical College and Hospital (IGMCRI) in Puducherry, Integra embraced the assignment of changing over 161 beds into oxygen-worked with beds by introducing brought together oxygen pipelines, stream meters, and oxygen controllers to individual beds at an expense of Rs. 30.00 Lakhs (about USD 40,000.00).

The association further interfaced with the Government of Tamil Nadu, India, through CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) to help government-alloted emergency clinics treating COVID-19 patients. Sriram Subramanya, Founder, and CEO of Integra Software Services, alongside 9 CEO Bouncing Board industrialists imported 1000 new oxygen chambers from Singapore to contribute towards the reason. Generally acquired oxygen chambers were given over to the Government of Tamil Nadu within the sight of the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M. K. Stalin.


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