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Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award has announced its top 10 finalists

Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award has just announced its top 10 finalist nurses across the world. The nurses have been selected from over 24,000 nurses from 184 countries. The 10 finalists will undergo a public voting process starting from 26th of April followed by final evaluation by the Grand Jury. Out of the 10 finalists, one will win the grand award of $250,000. The final winner will be announced at a gala event in Dubai on 12th May, 2022 on the occasion of the International Nurses Day.

        The top 10 finalists who will now undergo further evaluation are Anna Qabale Duba from Kenya, Dida Jirma Bulle from Kenya, Francis Michael Fernando from United Kingdom, Jasmine Mohammad Sharaf from United Arab Emirates, Julia Dorothy Downing from United Kingdom, Lincy Padicala from India, Manju Dhandapani from India, Matthew James Ball from Australia, Rachel Abraham Joseph from United States, Wais Mohammad Qarani from Afghanistan. While one participant will receive the grand award prize, the other nine participants will receive another monetary awards.


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