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Breathe Well-being reverses Type2 Diabetes, American Diabetes Association (ADA) acknowledges

Breathe Well-being Diabetes Management Program (BDMP), the personalized digital therapeutics program that assists individuals manage and reverse Type 2 Diabetes, has been verified by American Diabetes Association (ADA).

A clinical study was conducted to verify the efficacy of the BDMP digital therapeutics program, and in addition, long-term health outcomes were tracked for 3 years. ADA examined the results of this digitally delivered therapeutics program across cohorts with different age groups and profile of chronic patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and certified that the Breathe Well-Being program works to reverse diabetes. BDMP delivers customised interventions by using a personalised coach driven, community first approach through interactive gamification and encourages patients to track their blood glucose level, weight and physical activity.

BDMP provides education, lifestyle advisory and health-related content as part of a curriculum customized according to a patient’s health profile and preferences. It aids physicians by providing comprehensive lifestyle data, enabling thorough data-driven clinical decisions and assists the patients adhere to their physician’s advisory to achieve Diabetes Remission. Diabetes Remission is the removal of Diabetes–related medication and sustaining an HbA1c level of below 6.5% for a minimum of 3 months.

Rohan Verma, Co-founder & CEO, Breathe Well-being, “At Breathe Well-being, we focus on Diabetes reversal and healthy living. We submitted our study to ADA on use of #Digitaltherapeutics that act as a valuable tool enabling personalized care among diabetics. Our lifestyle intervention program has helped patients show significant body weight loss, A1c reduction and improved stress levels. With more than 95% patients showing HbA1c level reduction of more than 10% and 90% plus patients completely stopped or reduced medications. We are beyond delighted that ADA has acknowledged the ability of digital therapeutics to address the complex problem of Diabetes. Breathe Well-being is taking its promise of a diabetes-free life a notch higher with our “No Outcome, No Pay” policy where Diabetic patients end up paying only if they see a significant reduction in the HbA1c levels else the fees is refunded.”

Breathe Well-being, the Gurgaon based health-tech startup was founded in 2020 by Rohan Verma (ex-McKinsey) & Aditya Kaicker (ex-Accenture) who are 2nd-time founders in the healthcare space. The company’s vision is to help people live a life free of Diabetes through their clinically proven program. The team at Breathe Well-being with their expertise in healthcare, community and lifestyle management is working towards creating a revolution in the healthcare digital delivery space.

The objective of the clinical study by Breathe Well-being was to assess use of BDMP application in Type 2 Diabetics in achieving healthy outcomes among the Indian population.

The total group of 181 participants were divided into 3 controlled groups, first group of 60 patients treated with the BDMP plus Doctor-prescribed medication, second group of 61 patients treated with the BDMP plus Doctor-prescribed medication plus Stress Reduction module and third group of 60 patients were only treated by Doctor-prescribed medication.

BDMP, the holistic program based on diet, exercise and stress reduction includes an intensive 1 on 1 coaching with a Breathe certified Health Coach, a community for peer to peer support and an interactive game design to keep individuals motivated on their journey of diabetes reversal.

At the end of the 16 weeks, patients from Cohort 1 showed 81.6% program completion rate, an average of 5.64% of baseline body weight loss, an average of 0.68% reduction in A1C and Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ) score average change from 56.3 to 44.5 (score ranges 16-80, higher score indicates higher worry).

Patients from Cohort 2 showed 88.5% program completion rate, an average of 6.02% of baseline body weight loss, average of 0.74% reduction in A1C and a PSWQ score average change from 58.6 to 40.8.

Patients from Cohort 3 showed an average of 0.38% of baseline body weight loss, average of 0.28% reduction in A1C and a PSWQ score average change from 56.2 to 55.5. The difference between all the groups was found to be statistically significant (p<0.05).

The Digital lifestyle intervention program based on diet, exercise, and stress reduction (Cohort 2) showed statistically significant results compared to the one with only diet and exercise (Cohort 1) with 95% confidence levels (p<0.05).

Aditya Kaicker, Co-founder & Chief Program Officer, Breathe Well-being, “Digital Therapeutics is a scalable and sustainable solution to the growing problem of Type 2 Diabetes in India. At-home intensive programs with high touch-point enables real-time monitoring and guidance for the patients, which is not traditionally available in hospitals and clinics. Patients are becoming more aware and excited by the possibility of Reversal through a natural lifestyle modification rather than being stuck on medications for life. Additionally, achieving full Diabetes Remission gives them more freedom in their diet and lifestyle without Diabetes-related worries.”

The Breathe Well-being outcome-driven digital therapeutics program is based on 3 pillars of Coaching, Community and Curriculum. The program can be accessed via the Breathe Well-being mobile app that is available on the App Store and Play store. The company’s clinically proven program has helped 10,000+ members to lose weight, reduce blood sugar and prevent health complications.


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