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Brinton Pharmaceutical Ltd. announces to expand Global R&D Lab in the UK

       Brinton Pharmaceutical Limited, has decided to invest in a global research and development center in the United Kingdom. The company plans to invest GBP 30 million in the next five years to strengthen its product pipelines, create 300 highly skilled jobs and develop new and advanced products for its global consumers. The Life Sciences Research and Development Centre in North England will support in the acceleration of the company’s research in the areas of biotechnology, health and life sciences. The investment will help the company to get engaged in a thriving life sciences ecosystem, supporting the global ambitions to build next generation healthcare products.

     The UK is a global life sciences leader supplying companies the right business environment to help them invest and build their global identity in the industry. The UK government is supporting research, development and overseas investment in the life sciences sectors. They are looking forward to increase R&D by spending to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. UK’s public healthcare service, National Health Service (NHS) is a key partner of life sciences companies and are keen to enhance the healthcare amenities and patient care services, offered to people in UK.

    Brinton Pharmaceutical Ltd, looks towards UK as a partner to help the country to achieve its international aspirations. Based on India, UK gives a collaborative business environment which involves science and innovation with access to pharmaceutical talents, global connectivity with a broad range of opportunities in the healthcare and life sciences sector.


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