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Concept Medical announces index patient enrolment in world’s first Randomized Controlled Trial

Singapore: Concept Medical Inc., focused on vascular intervention drug delivery devices, has announced the enrolment of the first patient in the FUTURE SFA (Randomized Controlled Trial of First Sirolimus Coated Balloon Versus Standard Balloon Angioplasty in The Treatment of Superficial Femoral Artery and Popliteal Artery Disease). The index patient was successfully enrolled on 11th September in Singapore. FUTURE SFA is a randomized, double […]

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Managing transplants in hospitals during COVID-19

By Dr Ravi Mohanka, Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon at Global Hospital, Mumbai COVID-19 pandemic came unannounced and has taken everyone by surprise, including the government, the healthcare industry and specially the hospitals. The anxiety related to the infection among people, frequently changing diagnosis and treatment guidelines and lack of availability of any preventive modality or […]

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Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Maharishi Ayurveda Launches AyurDefence-AV

One of the pioneering Science-based Ayurveda company — Maharishi Ayurveda today announced the expansion of its Ayurvedic Healthcare portfolio with the launch of its 100% Ayurvedic product AyurDefence-AV amidst theCOVID-19pandemic. This is completely a herbal product made up of the combination of 19 herbs, possessing functional attributes of turning out to be the armour against viral […]

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Doctor Saves Three Lives Using Unique Procedure of Spyglass Cholangioscopy

HCMCT Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, have successfully used Spy glass cholangioscopy in three of its patients. Cholangioscopy (Spy glass) is the latest state of the art technique which has allowed for significant improvement in diagnosis and management of biliary diseases. Pancreatico-biliary disorders include a group of common but severe ailments which if detected early are potentially […]

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Enrolment initiated in World’s First RCT with Sirolimus Coated Balloon for the treatment of Below-the-Knee (BTK) Peripheral Artery Disease

Concept Medical Inc., focused on vascular intervention drug delivery devices, has announced the enrolment of the first patient in the FUTURE BTK trial (Randomized Controlled Trial of First SirolimUs Coated Balloon Versus Standard Balloon Angioplasty in The Treatment of below the Knee Artery Disease). The index patient was successfully enrolled on 26th August 2020 in Singapore. FUTURE BTK is a randomized, double […]

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Manipal Hospitals Successfully Performs Complicated Bile Duct Cancer Surgery

Kolkata: 54-year-old Abdus Samad from West Bengal, who had a history of severe jaundice and bile duct cancer, was referred to Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road, for further treatment. The patient was managed by an expert interdisciplinary team headed by Dr. Goutham Kumar Mehta, Consultant – Hepatobiliary Surgery, Liver Transplantation Surgery and Dr. Reddi Prasad Yadavalli, Consultant – Interventional Radiology, Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road. […]

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Vevra Launches a State-of-the-Art Hospital Pods to Fight COVID-19

Bangalore: A Bangalore based “Design and Build” company Vevra has allied with a Portugal based Healthcare IoT company “InnoWave Group” to introduce the ‘Vevra Pods’. Theses pods were launched today, to jointly fight the pandemic and other contagious and airborne diseases. The Vevra Pods project was primarily born as an answer for major medical crises of any […]

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CVS Health amplía su capacidad de procesar pruebas de COVID-19 al sumar otros 77 locales con servicio al auto en Florida

Rhode Island: En un esfuerzo constante por ayudar a frenar la propagación del virus, CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) amplió hoy su programa de pruebas de COVID-19 al disponer de 77 instalaciones más en ciertos locales de CVS Pharmacy con atención al auto en todo el estado de Florida. La apertura de estos nuevos locales para pruebas […]

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Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Supports Findings of JAMA Spinal Manipulation Therapy Study

San Jose: The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), a not-for-profit organization educating the public about the benefits of chiropractic care, has issued a public statement in support of the findings of a randomized clinical trial (RCT) that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA Network Open) on August 5 and is now trending. The study, “Effect of […]