Mental Wellness

CK Birla Healthcare organizes a special session with Spiritual Mentor, Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani on Unlocking the Treasures of the Mind

     The CK Birla Healthcare and Birla Fertility & IVF in New Delhi, organized a special session on mental health and well-being with BK Sister Shivani at their Punjabi Bagh facility. The session brought out the connection between mental wellness and overall health by utilizing the potential of the mind for health.  The event was attended more than 250 people who took the knowledge on getting holistic or good health.

        Mental wellbeing is linked to overall wellbeing of health. People having mental issues often suffer with obesity, anxiety, depression which lead to sleep disorders including heart and respiratory problems. However, a good mental health may prevent and cure all these severe issues. According to WHO, 2443 faces mental health issues per 10000 population. The economic loss due to mental health conditions is huge both in India and globally.

       COVID-19 has hit to this problem more than ever. Following protocols like physical distancing and not going out much has well blended into patients facing mental health issues. Mental health issues also lead to fertility disorder. The WHO has highlighted that 25% of the younger population suffered from depression and anxiety in the first year of the pandemic. According to doctors a good sleep, meditation and praying for thirty minutes daily, exercising, having a healthy diet, interacting with others, giving time to hobbies can help in achieving mental wellbeing.


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