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Colon cleansing: a brief insight attributed to Mr.  Santosh Pandey, Diploma in Acupuncture, Acupuncturist

Colon cleansing is a gentle process of steady, low-pressure flow-filtered warm water being passed through the colon to clean up the built-up toxins, gas, and impacted faecal matter from the colon. The entire procedure lasts around 45mins and is done under the care and supervision of a certified naturopath. The procedure is odour free, safe, and done under completely hygienic conditions with fresh kits for every individual.

Colon cleansing has numerous benefits. Those listed include relief in constipation, improvement in metabolism, and nutrition absorption. Moreover, it helps eliminate toxins and improves peristalsis. In the long term, it helps relieve stress and aids relaxation.

Colon cleaning: why is it needed

Unfortunately, in 90% of the cases, daily bowel moment does not do the job. It is because our modern lifestyle is completely unnatural and unhealthy, which causes a build-up of toxins in our intestines that does not flush out with regular bowel movement.

Factors that lead to a build-up

There are a lot of factors that cause this faecal accumulation and toxic built like a diet high in gluten and dairy, red meat and processed meat consumption. Consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar, and processed food with artificial preservatives sweeteners and other chemicals further add to the woes. A low fiber diet, less intake of water, and high consumption of alcohol, coffee, and aerated drinks make things worse.

Toxic accumulation in colon

Even people who think they are following a good diet have faecal waste accumulated over the decades in their colon. The factors mentioned previously lead to build-up causing bowel cancer. It is a leading cause of death due to cancer amongst non-smokers in the world. For the mentioned reasons, everyone can benefit from the cleansing of the bowels along with an improved diet and lifestyle.


One of the primary benefits of colon cleansing is that it maintains the regularity of bowel movement. Regular cleansing helps in improving the health of the digestive system and prevents constipation. Further, it helps in improving the absorption of nutrients and maintains pH balance in the bloodstream. It leads to increased energy levels and concentration. It improves the peristaltic movement of the large intestine. Apart from reducing the risk of colon cancer, regular cleaning helps in weight loss as well.


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