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Crosscope inks partnership with Waleed Pharmacy to deliver AI-enabled Digital Pathology Solutions in Oman

Crosscope Inc. and Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enable next generation transformation in the Histopathology Landscape. Together they plan to bring state-of-the-art technological solutions to Oman empowering their commercialization to deliver comprehensive cancer care.

         Cancer remains a major public health issue worldwide. According to the WHO, Oman is facing a two-fold increase in cancer incidence. As healthcare is moving forward to digital means, Crosscope and Waleed Pharmacy has taken this initiative to release Crosscope’s AI enabled platform. Crosscope Dx is a workflow integrated vendor-agnostic digital pathology that gives end-to-end digital pathology solutions with advanced workflow solutions. Its open and scalable architecture is designed for pathologists to help them with decreased workload ensuring faster diagnosis.

        Both the organizations intend to bring state-of-the-art comprehensive Digital Pathology Platform, AI, MI tools for cancer diagnostic service providers. Crosscope also intends to work with the leading key opinion leaders of the esteemed hospitals, clinical institutions, diagnostic chains, R&D Labs, research organizations, pharma companies, and other organizations of Oman, where the company’s products bring clinical value to the users.


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