Doctors at the inauguration of Kamineni Advanced Neuro Center
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Dr. Naveen Hails the Launch of Kamineni Advanced Neuro Center as a Breakthrough in Patient Care

The healthcare industry is buzzing with the recent inauguration of the Kamineni Advanced Neuro Center, and Dr. Naveen, a Senior Neurologist at Kamineni Hospital, is among its most ardent advocates.

In a time when neurological disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent, the need for specialized care and innovative treatment approaches is more critical than ever. Dr. Naveen, a respected figure in neurology, emphasized the significance of this new initiative, expressing his delight at the center’s cutting-edge services, which include genetic analysis and counseling.

“With these advancements, we can better understand the underlying causes of diseases and provide personalized care,” Dr. Naveen said. The center’s commitment to utilizing the latest technology and methodologies in diagnosis and treatment is expected to drastically improve patient outcomes.

In addition to genetic testing, the Kamineni Advanced Neuro Center offers an array of advanced technologies such as a state-of-the-art 3T MRI, 128 slice CT Scan, and a fully equipped Neuro Lab. The center also boasts a team of highly-skilled professionals including neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neurocritical care doctors.

For patients, this means access to a quality of care that is unparalleled. The center is positioned to tackle an array of neurological problems from common disorders to rare and complex cases.

This new facility is not just a testament to Kamineni Hospital’s commitment to excellence in healthcare but a beacon of hope for countless patients and families affected by neurological disorders.

The Kamineni Advanced Neuro Center is an example of the healthcare industry’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in patient care, and figures like Dr. Naveen are leading the charge in this noble endeavor.


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