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Epoch Elder Care is Expanding: Rooted in Dignity, Respect, and Holistic Care

Epoch Elder Care, an industry leader in assisted living and dementia care services in India, has announced its impending launch of Epoch Vincent House. Situated in Gurugram, Haryana, this marks their fourth establishment as they continue to revolutionize the elder care landscape in India.

The escalating need for senior care in India cannot be understated. According to a 2019 report by CII and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India’s senior population will touch 240 million by 2050. The impending ‘silver tsunami’ demands service providers like Epoch to step up, offering quality care and improving the assisted living infrastructure.

Epoch, with over a decade’s experience, expertly encapsulates this emerging sector’s essence with its 3Es strategy – evidence, experience, and expertise. With their small-scale homes, which echoes a global trend toward cozier, more personalized settings, they offer seniors a unique blend of homeliness and attentive care.

The services provided at Epoch extend beyond basic nursing care. Catering to a wide spectrum of senior needs, including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke recovery, and COPD, their care approach mirrors that of progressive care models seen in countries with advanced geriatric care.

The expansion of Epoch Elder Care with the launch of Vincent House signifies a commitment to address the complex issue of dementia care. According to the Alzheimer’s Disease International, nearly 10 million people live with dementia in India, a statistic that underscores the critical need for specialized dementia care services like those offered by Epoch.

Epoch’s team of care attendants, senior nurses, counsellors, geriatricians, neurologists, physiotherapists, F&B managers, and housekeeping staff, are trained to provide not just medical support but also to foster a supportive, enriched environment for the residents. This holistic approach towards senior care is a model practiced in the best geriatric care facilities worldwide.

In essence, the launch of Epoch Vincent House is a promising step forward in meeting the urgent demand for quality assisted living services in India. For more information about Epoch Elder Care and its various services, visit www.epocheldercare.com.


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