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FEELM Champions Sustainability at UK’s Premier Vaping Environmental Summit

FEELM, a trailblazing tech brand, addressed the UK Vaping Industry Association’s first-ever ‘Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping’ summit. The virtual event explored the need for collaboration, innovation, and regulatory evolution in response to the industry’s environmental concerns.

The summit sought to develop a Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping to catalyze environmental action and support an eco-conscious vaping sector. Discussions centered on creating a national recycling and waste management infrastructure, fostering innovative vape technologies that enable recycling and reuse, and promoting consumer and retailer engagement in sustainable vape practices.

Echo Liu, European Division Director for FEELM, highlighted the importance of industry-wide environmental protection efforts, stating, “It is essential for us to provide environmental vaping solutions and address the existing issue of disposable vapes being carelessly discarded.” UKVIA Director General John Dunne added that increased education and cooperation among regulators, the industry, and environmental management professionals are needed to tackle the issue effectively.

As a leader in technology, FEELM is committed to promoting sustainable strategies with its partners. Echo emphasized the importance of raising consumer awareness of their role in recycling and called for cross-industry collaboration to ensure rapid environmental progress. FEELM’s sustainable strategy allows partners to benefit from improved social and business performance, gaining trust and loyalty from consumers, differentiating the brand from competitors, and adhering to government regulations.


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