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First Turquoise Verified Provider in Delaware

Turquoise Health, a healthcare tech platform focused on simplifying healthcare reimbursement through pricing transparency, announces today that ChristianaCare is the first Turquoise Verified provider in Delaware. Turquoise Verified is a free program that highlights pioneering providers who are going beyond the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule. Providers that become verified will receive a checkmark within their profile page allowing patients, employers, and insurance companies to quickly navigate compliant locations in their areas for healthcare services.

“ChristianaCare is committed to price transparency, because we believe that all patients should have access to clear, accurate cost information so that they can make informed decisions about their care,” said Rob McMurray, ChristianaCare chief financial officer. “We’re pleased to provide this enhanced service to our patients through Turquoise Health that makes it easier to shop for high-quality, affordable care.”

“We need a spotlight on hospital systems, like ChristianaCare, that are going beyond the mandate and setting the standard for pricing transparency,” said Joe Wisniewski, the Head of Platform Growth at Turquoise Health.

Turquoise Verified is that spotlight. The overall platform works to solve the problem of curating over 175 million records of never-before-seen provider rates that were released post January 2021 hospital price transparency legislation. Turquoise Health simplifies the transaction process of healthcare so that patients can understand the total cost upfront, while also working with providers and payers who recognize the potential for transparency in transforming the market. The Turquoise Verified program allows for providers to utilize the Company’s expertise in order to make their data and pricing files proactively useful for patients and consumers.

For more information on how to become a Turquoise Verified provider please visit:


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