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From Farms to Home, OrgFarm’s Healthy Value Chain Helping People Live Better

OrgFarm – The largest online Organic Superstore ( With over 400 products to choose from, OrgFarm bring you the widest range of fruits, vegetables and groceries all under one roof, which meet the highest standards of being Natural and Organic as stipulated by NPOP & Aditi. Since inception in 2018, OrgFarm is committed to help people live better, healthier and more wholesome lives by offering fresh 100% certified, authentic organic fruits, vegetables and groceries.

OrgFarm’s healthy value chain from farmer to you, the consumer, is done by dedicatedly crafting an ecologically safe and secure food system. At a time when large agribusinesses dominate food production in the country, farmers have a hard time competing in the food market place. This is where OrgFarm steps in, buying directly from farmers helping them with sustained livelihoods and alleviating poverty. Choosing OrgFarm ensures you complete the chain, actively participating in a mission to create a sustainable environment, providing a life of dignity to farmers, while bringing health, happiness and true wellness to yourself.

The 20-strong core team has over 15 years of experience in Data science and IT. We provide farmers with actionable insights bespoke to farmer’s land and ownership pattern on what to plant, when to plant, and what farm practices to deploy. We use IoT enables solutions and help farmers make well-informed decisions as well as to automate and optimise processes such as pest control, irrigation, rejuvenation of soil etc. 

From Farms to Your Kitchen

To our consumers – the food is as real as it gets – Straight from the farm, harvested after we receive your orders, no long-distance shipping, no storage and certainly no artificial ripening process. We receive the harvested produce daily from our farmers which is then sorted and packed under extremely rigid hygiene protocols at our warehouse, and then dispatched to consumers in less than 12 – 24 hours. This ensures that our customers enjoy freshly harvested, contamination free food and groceries to give you and your family the purest form of nutrition you deserve.

At OrgFarm we work to empower the local semi-skilled workforce. 80% of our staff are from this stratum, whom we put through rigorous training programs to ensure they are upskilled and ready for better and brighter career opportunities. What’s more, OrgFarm’s “No Food Wastage” policy is core to its belief and therefore, contributes all excess produce of roughly 20 kgs to charitable institutions on a daily basis.

OrgFarm currently operates in Chennai and Bangalore and offers free delivery across these two cities. We invite you to Eat Healthy, Protect Nature and Support our Farmers. Go OrgFarm!


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