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Fujifilm India successfully completes installation of 50,000 medical devices in India

   Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd, a leader in diagnostic visuals and medical system technology, announced that it has successfully completed the installation of 50,000 medical devices in India. They have also released a campaign video representing the company’s deep focus on improving healthcare in India including the access to diagnostic services and why is it important.

   The campaign is titled ‘#50K and Counting- Hitting the Milestone and Getting Healthier Together’, highlights Fujifilm’s achievements in the medical imaging and division of devices, moving forward to spreading awareness of earlier detection of diseases and preference of healthier choices.

    Fujifilm has installed its medical solutions, across India, ranging from metropolitan cities to remote areas such as Leh, Ladakh, Northeast India, Jharkhand and Bihar. They offer various products in healthcare divisions under different categories. Some of them are, they use advanced technologies such as AI in products like Synapse VNA, Synapse PACS and Synapse 3D, X-Ray imaging devices- FCT Speedia, FDR Smart X, FDR Nano, Mobile X-Ray system, Digital Mammography CAD and AMULET Inn ovality, endoscopic ultrasonography system, MRI and CT.

     In the 74th National Annual Conference of IRIA 2022, Fujifilm launched a new range of products including complete and integrated solutions for CT, MRI, X-Ray, AI, Pacs, endoscopy and ultrasound systems through the ARETTA series, the ECHELON Smart, and Supria series.


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