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Growing Healthcare Infrastructure and Transition of Healthcare Facilities from Conventional to Digital Equipments to Drive the Radiology Equipments Market in Egypt: Ken Research

GURUGRAM – Egypt News ,Sales volume of Radiology Equipments in Egypt is expected to grow as demand for new digital products to replace old analog systems is increasing.High disease prevalence and demand for medical imaging is expected to drive the demand further with the introduction of technological advanced equipments in the country.
Egypt’s Elevating Healthcare Infrastructure: Egypt’s growing healthcare infrastructure is boosting the Radiology Equipments Market in Egypt. The Government of Egypt has planned to double the spending on Healthcare during the 2020-2021 which is expected to be around EGP 140 Billion increasing from EGP 73 Billion in 2019. Along with it, the proposal includes the establishment of 122 hospitals, 35 medical centers and 17 psychiatric hospitals which will boost the demand for radiology equipments in the country. Egypt’s growing healthcare infrastructure has been attracting major players from around the world to meet the growing demand for radiology equipments in the country.
Increased focus on Innovation: As market awareness increases, the radiology equipments manufacturers are focusing more on product innovation and addition of latest technologies. Digitization is helping address challenges in Egypt’s Healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. Technological solutions, such as 3D imaging, mobile and portable systems, increased service offerings are solving the major challenges for medical imaging in the country.
Installed base for the Radiology Equipments to Rise: Radiology equipments market in Egypt is an import driven market as the country imports majority of the radiology equipments from the manufacturing countries. By eliminating the film processing steps, digital equipment proves to be a cost-effective alternative for traditional radiography creating a higher demand for such products by hospitals and diagnostic centers in Egypt.
The report titled “Egypt Radiology Equipments Market Outlook to 2025” by Ken Research suggested that the Radiology equipments market is expected to grow at a single digit positive CAGR. Increased quality of healthcare and high disease prevalence are driving the market in Egypt. The Radiology Equipments revenue in Egypt is expected to grow over the next few years owing to the high demand for digital products in the country.


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