Hataali wins US patent for the use of blockchain in advanced medicinal therapy products

     Hataali also known as ATMPS Ltd. is the leader in blockchain based in data sharing platforms for advanced therapies. They announced that they have been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the use of blockchain technologies in personalized medicines. The company is also looking forward to strengthen its technological advantage globally. Their applications are pending in both Europe and Asia.

       The new patent comes at a time when the pharma industry with more than ten advanced therapies are expected to be approved in 2023. Pharma companies still continue to struggle scale-up their production. The solution here is to utilize the blockchain based thing like Hataali to communicate and coordinate their activities to ensure effective commercialization. Haatali’s data solution helps to track therapies through a complex supply chain. It ensures patient safety giving a full digital solution with efficient regulatory compliance.

     The patent is seen in accelerating adoption of blockchain technologies by the pharma industry, which are reaching to a wider maturity in the other industries like Fintech. Blockchain is a structure that stores transactional records or block, of the public in several databases known as the chain, in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes.

   ATMPS was awarded with the Bionow Technical Service Award at the 20th Bionow Annual Awards in Manchester. The award recognized the Hataali blockchain-based platform for its supply chains, for its ability to allow its partners in personalized medicine and for ensuring that data which is necessary for the production of treatments can be shared between parties in a secured, confidential and regulatory compliant manner.


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