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Healpha launches mobile healthcare app to bridge gap between patients and doctors

Healpha, a Hyderabad based people centric- connected digital healthcare start-up has announced the launch of its app. The application seeks to improve the ability to manage every individual’s health and wellbeing. It enables comprehensive management tool for both Patients and Doctors covering Preventive, Curative and Managed of connected healthcare for Tele medicine and In person care. It’s unique connected devices via a smartphone companion app makes Remote Patient monitoring robust. The new app aims to help patients search for medical conditions and find related healthcare providers quickly and efficiently, and is available on Android and via a web portal, IOS is being released.

“In the current scenario, we have seen a boom in the mHealth market and one of the biggest recent revolutions that has taken place in healthcare sector is the smart phone and the apps. The healthcare industry is constantly undergoing innovation and with this changing landscape we believe that there is a need to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. With the aim to provide seamless solutions, we believe that the newly launched app will play an important role in providing patients with effective way out that can improve patient outcomes, said Mr. Raj Janapareddy, Founder & CSO, Healpha.

Healpha is abounding with convenient solutions that not only help improve people’s lives, but also helps make informed choices easier and faster while ensuring the doctors are better connected to patients. Healpha has embedded WHO medical standards, threshold limits. All the Health records (EHRs) are available at a click for both Doctor and Patients. It also facilitates the convenience of making digital payments.  Additionally Tele-consultation allows patients to consult a Doctor anytime, from anywhere. Healpha’s IoT connected devices capture the vitals automatically; eliminating manual errors thus improving the efficiency and quality of care. An award winning COVID Care management comes bundled in the Healpha health App. Patients can also book an appointment and get real-time confirmations for their appointments. The app also allows patients to manage the entire family’s health on the Healpha App, with proactive reminders for medicines, vaccinations.


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