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Healthcare Platform, Eka Care, ramps up product development in Bengaluru

Startup based out of Bengaluru, Eka Care, is building a connected healthcare ecosystem for people across the country. In June 2022, the company raised $15 million and is laser-focused on developing the most advanced Patient Health Records(PHR) app and hiring the right talent to scale the team. Eka Care also aims to make it easier for doctors to switch to digital practices and educate people how important it is to maintain their health profile. 

“Our vision is to build a technology platform to enable every Indian to create and manage their health profile in the Eka care PHR app. The trust of marquee investors in our vision has elevated our confidence. We are super excited to continue reforming the way healthcare is delivered in India by building tools for both careseekers and caregivers of the country,” shared Vikalp Sahni, CEO, Eka Care.

Eka Care was founded by Vikalp Sahni, Deepak Tuli & Abhishek Begerhotta in December 2020.  

The company has been building an advanced PHR app for users to monitor their health by digitising medical records & monitoring health vitals. While, the advanced clinic management tool built for doctors gives them more power to scale their practice digitally. 

Within its first year of inception, Eka Care PHR app became India’s largest repository of health records and vitals, with more than 3 crore health records, 16 lakh ABHAs, and more than 10,000 doctors using the platform.

Anybody can create their own health profiles by storing medical records such as prescriptions, lab reports and scans, vaccinations and development milestones for children, heart rate trends, blood sugar information, and much more on the Eka Care app. All the health records can be easily linked to your Ayushman Bharat Health Account(ABHA),an Govt of India initiative, which is a unique health identity (much like Aadhar) that enables quick access and sharing of health records digitally. 

“We have seen a huge amount of traction with our consent-based feature, Gmail Sync. As the name suggests, users can link their Gmail account with our app to effortlessly import health records sent to their Gmail privatly & securly. Our ML engine extracts relevant medical records from one’s Gmail account, stores,  and organizes them in the Eka app. Furthermore, our system provides  personalised trends of an individual’s biomarkers in a graphical format. This makes it easy for them to visualize and track their health parameters over a period of time. The information can also be shared instantly with caregivers, enabling them to provide better care.” said Dr. Sankalp Gulati, Head of Data Science and Founding Member at Eka Care

“Eka Care has helped me view my patient’s complete medical history at a glance. This has been instrumental in providing better care especially to chronic patients. My patients do not carry old prescriptions, lab reports, and other documents as I have them stored on Eka now. The app also gives me meaningful insights and trends to understand my patient’s vitals and health journey.

I have always encouraged my patients to store their records, and keep them organized. I am glad that today, this task has become easy for my patients and for me as a caregiver.” Dr. Sharat Honnati, Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Practicing at HSR Layout Bengaluru.
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