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Humanitarian Award Winner Devangi Dalal launches her state of art clinic ‘Hearing Hearts’ on world humanitarian day

While India is well equipped with all medical facilities, it has been evident that hearing-related diagnoses are usually sidelined. To tackle this issue, Devangi Dalal an audiologist and speech therapist practicing for the last 30 years has launched her new clinic, Hearing Hearts, to focus not only on hearing and speech-related issues, but the clinic also aims to be a one-stop destination to tackle all the issues like mental health, diet & nutrition,  physiotherapy, psychology, and occupational therapy. To serve all from newborns to the elderly. It is also a clinic for which first time in India promoting Neo-Natal screening, a test performed to check the child’s hearing right after birth so correct treatment is provided on time.

When asked Devangi Dalal about what inspired her to come up with the concept of ‘Hearing Hearts’, she mentioned, “I have worked as an audiologist and speech therapist for the last 30 years now, during my years of practice, it was quite evident that hearing-related diagnosis is usually sidelined since the time of birth, which tends to treatment starting late or not being effective at all. Through Hearing Hearts, we aim to cater to spread awareness and help families with all medical help that are usually sidelined, like hearing impairment, mental health, diet, etc. Through Hearing Hearts, we wish to provide world-class treatment to all the patients in need”.

Hearing Hearts was launched on world humanitarian day, as Devangi Dalal was herself awarded with the ‘Humanitarian Award’ by the American Academy of Audiology in Boston in 2012.  It is one of a kind state of the art clinic with all types of hearing diagnosis done under one roof and having a completely professional approach. Her clinic will be operational to all patients from 23rd August.


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