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India Health Link joins hand with U GRO Capital

India Health Link, a digital health and medical device start-up, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with U GRO Capital. U GRO Capital is a listed MSME lending fintech platform, plans to expand the deployment of their first-of-its-kind human-centric phygital healthcare ecosystem, to strengthen the human-centric preventive health screening ecosystem and to expand its growth in India.  

      India Health Link (IHL) being a human-centric platform, wishes to reach out to every Indian patient through hospitals and doctor’s network. They aim to make their Health Pod and IHL Care available via preventive screening. Therefore, IHL has collaborated with U GRO Capital to ease the adoption of its integrated healthcare screening under the RBI lending program. Owing to this lending facility, preventive healthcare will reach the majority of people who are deprived of primary and preventive care in the interiors.

    The healthcare sector has been one of the prominent sectors for U GRO Capital’s credit offerings. Its doctor loan service is being designed for doctors and offers collateral-free loans up to Rs 25 lacs. It also provides small businesses loans up to Rs 20 lacs for healthcare sectors covering pharmacies, imaging centers, and pathology labs, among others. U GRO has received Term Lending support from State Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank & Canara Bank for onward lending under the scheme of RBI.


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