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Integrated Healthcare Platform, Eka Care, expands in Lucknow

     Eka Care, a healthcare platform has expanded themselves in Uttar Pradesh, in the capital city of Lucknow. Eka care will further bring both its patient and doctor side service with the benefits of digitization to the population of the city. Eka Care is the first private healthcare platform to allow the process of Health ID under Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission (ABDM).

     The aim of the creation of the health IDs is to ensure that the medical records are issued to the right individual or getting accessed by health information users through the individual’s appropriate consent. The ID will be used for identifying persons, authenticating them and it will help an individual to maintain his or her own and family’s health records across multiple systems and stakeholders.

      The platform is available in 12 languages. It enables every Indian family to create multiple health profiles, store health records of vaccination charts for children, prescriptions, lab reports, scans. Eka Care has already around 3 million downloads. They let people share records with healthcare providers. Symptoms Checker, a unique feature, enables doctors to diagnose efficiently underlying medical conditions while enhancing reporting capabilities for patients.

 Eka Care, is also building a secured full-stack platform to facilitate better tracking and reporting of outcomes for doctors as well as patients. They also offer appointment management, AI-driven digital prescriptions, integrated payments and high-end in-clinic and telemedicine solutions.


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