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JBCPL emerges as the fastest growing pharma company

        JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals has become the fastest growing pharmaceuticals company amongst the top 25 companies in the Indian Pharmaceutical market during the Financial Year 2021-2022. It showed an astonishing growth rate of 29% bringing the market to 18% as per the basis of Moving Annual Turnover (MAT) in March 2022.

         The company has ranked 25 from rank 32 with the newly acquired brands from Sanzyme and the latest addition of Azmarda in March 2022 according to the Moving Annual Turnover (MAT). JB sales as per IQVIA MAT 2022 was at INR 1490.7 crores as compared to INR 1157.4 crores a year back. JBCPL has moved up three ranks in the therapy in the cardiac segment. The key brands in the cardiac segment are Cilacar, Cilacar T, Nicardia, Azmarda.

    Rantac ranked 45 in the Gastro-Intestinal segment. The company has also extended Rantac by using various combination drugs under the brand name. The prominent ones are Rantac DOM with IQVIA MAT March 2022 sales of INR 23 crore and Rantac MPS with IQVIA MAT March 2022 sales of INR 21 crore. JBCPL currently ranks 12 in the Gastro-Intestinal segment.


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