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Life Saved in Minutes: A Peek into Narayana Health’s Record-Breaking Brain Aneurysm Procedure

Time was of the essence when a 47-year-old patient was rushed to Narayana Health with multiple intracranial aneurysms. One of these aneurysms had ruptured, leading to life-threatening internal bleeding within the brain. What happened next was nothing short of a medical miracle, as the healthcare provider’s team of specialists undertook a ground-breaking procedure and completed it in under three minutes.

Dr. Vikram Huded, Senior Neuro-interventionist from NH Institute of Neuroscience, led the team that used an advanced flow diverter stent to treat the ruptured aneurysm. This sophisticated device and technique are vital for managing blood flow through the arteries and aiding in the eventual shrinkage of the aneurysm.

What sets this procedure apart is the sheer speed at which it was accomplished. It typically takes about an hour to complete such an advanced intervention, but the Narayana Health team completed the operation in just two and a half minutes. This was not just a victory for the team but also a historic moment as it was acknowledged as the fastest deployment of this specific device in the world.

This breakthrough was showcased at NICE, an international conference where Narayana Health was among 35 centers from around the globe presenting their cases. The device manufacturer also recognized this as the fastest recorded deployment globally.

In the words of Dr. Vikram Huded, “We deployed an advanced type of flow-diverter device, and it is also the first time this device is used in India.” He further explained how this technique works by encouraging the blood flowing through the artery to remain within, and obstructing the blood from entering the aneurysm, causing it to shrink over time.

This achievement is a testament to Narayana Health’s commitment to pushing the boundaries in healthcare, and it heralds a new era of hope for patients battling life-threatening conditions such as brain aneurysms.


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