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LordsMed launches health ATMs to provide digital healthcare across the country

LordsMed, the global healthcare division of the Lords Mark Industries launches health ATMs under brand name “Lords Sehat”. LordsMed has collaborated with Ministry of Railways PSU Braithwaite & Co to install the health kiosks in Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) across India. This arrangement will help to build up railway hospitals in coming days. LordsMed has made an investment of Rs 25 crore to make this project successful and up to the mark.

      Now, Health ATM is a one-stop digital touch point integrated machine designed to diagnose all the chronic disease, delivering primary care and diagnostics. Like an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in a bank, Health ATM is designed for managing health related information which allows individuals to access their personal information through any internet connected web browser. It allows patients to be more empowered, to actively participate in managing their health needs with access to world class medical facilities. As the world is converting itself into digital technology, LordsMed took an initiative in it, for the country.

     “Lords Sehat” ATMs are walk-in clinics well equipped with touch-screen kiosks to facilitate timely and convenient integrated Point of Care (POC) diagnostic services to patients. The kiosks will help to get checkups done on different parameters such as that of blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood glucose, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, etc. The “Lords Sehat” health supplies a cluster of CE/FDA/Medical Grade Devices and HIPPA compliant backend technology for enabling preventive health screenings in rural areas and made basic healthcare accessible for rural populations.

       A health plan will be formulated after the health screening of a patient at the kiosks based on his health score. If the score is bad, the patient will be able to avail a consultation from a doctor of his own choice or recommended by LordsMed through video consultation. The health ATMs will also supply a diet chart to the patients based on the diagnosis of their ailments. It will also dispense IVD test kits in rural areas during outbreaks of diseases like dengue and malaria and will display test results onsite. The kiosks will provide antigen tests with immediate displayed results for the incidence of COVID-19 in rural areas.

    Naitik Vyas, Head of the Pharma Division, LordsMed said that technology will play a key role in bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. They hope that LordsMed will create an advanced digital healthcare infrastructure aimed at providing quality health services to underprivileged communities.


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