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Marathwada’s First BestSound Center inaugurated in Aurangabad with Darakh Hearing & Speech Center

Signia, a leader in the hearing aid industry, today announced the launch of its center in Aurangabad along with Darakh Hearing & Speech Center. The new center will be located opposite telephone bhavan in Nutan Colony.

 “Sivantos India is excited to introduce a quantum leap in sound quality and connectivity to the people of Aurangabad, enabling users to take greater control of their personal hearing experience. We are constantly innovating new technological solutions and introducing advanced digital products which provide high quality listening experience to users, customized for their individual needs. Signia’s breakthrough technology also combines the most advanced connectivity to deliver a natural-sounding own voice and uncompromised audibility with direct streaming.” said Mr. Avinash Pawar, CEO & Managing Director, Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd.

As per WHO estimates, there are approximately 63 million people, who are suffering from Significant Auditory Impairment in India. This places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in the Indian population.  Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and needs immediate attention and, if ignored, often leads to physical and social deterioration.

“With the launch of this store we are excited to serve the people of Aurangabad and bring the latest in technology to improve their lives. 1/3rd or more adults aged 65 or older have some degree of age related hearing loss. This type of hearing loss happens so gradually that many do not notice it until it becomes a serious problem. Along with the strong portfolio and solutions from Signia, we will be offering a complete diagnostics setup and the latest digital hearing aids at an affordable price which would help to transform the lives of people and help them to connect back to life”, added said Mr. Saurabh Darakh, CEO, Darakh Hearing and Speech Center.

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