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MediBuddy facilitates over 7 lakh Covid-19 vaccination doses in India

MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform reaches yet another milestone. It has been the trusted partner for providing vaccination to over 740 corporates, delivering over 7 lakh Covid19 vaccination doses. It also successfully set up over 10074 vaccination camps across India to strengthen India’s vaccination mission.

To provide this robust vaccination service, MediBuddy deployed 335 staff members, worked with 142 hospitals & network partners, managing on an average 66 camps a day.

MediBuddy, being a leader in the digital healthcare sector, has a strong, established network of hospitals across India & customers who need these services. MediBuddy collaborated between the two to build an operationally holistic model to channel hospitals and appointed trained personnel on campus to provide vaccination as a service. They managed the offsite camps efficiently with the help of skilled manpower, managing time slots, & providing post-vaccination medical advice as required with the aid of technology, realigning it’s services to cater to market needs.

Commenting on this, Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, MediBuddy, said “It is indeed an extremely proud moment for us at MediBuddy to be a part of the largest vaccination drive in the world. The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most challenging situations that the medical fraternity and the nation have had to tackle. The medical institutions and ecosystems putting all resources together have been relentlessly working towards curbing the virus. We are humbled and honored to have contributed our bit in aiding India’s mission against the virus.”

India orchestrating the world’s largest vaccination drive has recently surpassed the 1 billion mark. MediBuddy has always been at the forefront of accelerating India’s digital healthcare transformation. In the wake of the pandemic, it has put all hands-on deck to assist India in its battle against the coronavirus.

MediBuddy is also gearing up to provide vaccination services for the children in accordance with Government rules & regulations. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected several changes to the healthcare industry, globally. In the last 18 months, the sector has got ample room for innovation and MediBuddy has been at the forefront to create an incredible impact.

Amid the second wave, MediBuddy launched several initiatives such as Hospital Bed Availability Tracker, a 24×7 helpline number, and a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Tool apart from providing vaccinations, apart from vaccinations to help tackle the surge of coronavirus infection and contribute its bit in combating the virus.


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