Fit India Conclave 2023
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MedScapeIndia-AMET Organises 6th FIT INDIA Conclave 2023

The rising trend of fitness and preventive healthcare in India got a significant boost with the 6th Fit India Conclave 2023, hosted by MedScapeIndia-AMET. But this year’s conclave did more than simply promote physical health. It drove the narrative of healthcare access and awareness, focusing specifically on the expansion of nationwide CPR training and the ambition of Health4All.

In a nation where heart disease is the leading cause of death, initiatives like the CPR training stations set up at the conclave are a critical step forward. Dr. Sunita Dube, Founder & Chairperson of MedScapeIndia, emphasized the urgent need for CPR training accessibility, and this initiative sends a strong message about the proactive approach needed in emergency healthcare scenarios.

An intriguing feature of the conclave was the proposed Bill for the Prevention of Assault on Doctors. In a country where doctor-patient conflicts have been on the rise, this piece of legislation could significantly improve working conditions for medical practitioners and foster a more respectful healthcare environment.

The Fit India Conclave also showcased a broader view of health with the launch of the Fit India Fest and the Girl Child Anthem. These initiatives highlight the importance of an all-inclusive approach to health, encapsulating both physical and mental well-being, and addressing often overlooked areas like girl child welfare.

The drive towards Health4All was well articulated by Dr. Pramod P. Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, whose assertion that “prevention is better than cure” succinctly summed up the conclave’s main message. In a healthcare system that often leans towards curative medicine, this shift towards preventive healthcare can be transformative.

Notable figures such as Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya, the Governor of Sikkim, lauded the collective efforts of the MedScapeIndia Team. Their work with the Fit India Movement demonstrates how nationwide health goals require a concerted effort from all segments of society.

The 6th Fit India Conclave is a significant milestone in India’s healthcare journey, emphasizing CPR training, doctor-patient relations, and an all-rounded approach to health. This gathering of thought leaders and experts could lead to decisive steps towards achieving the goal of Health4All and revolutionizing India’s healthcare landscape.


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