MelOx NGen sustainable barrier coating for plastic food packaging.
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Melodea’s Sustainable Barrier Coating Boosts Food Packaging Recyclability

Amid growing concerns over plastic waste and the environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging, Melodea, Ltd., a leader in sustainable barrier coatings, steps in with a game-changing solution – MelOx NGen™.

Derived from plant sources, MelOx NGen™, a water-based coating, creates a barrier inside plastic food packaging. This innovative technology, designed to work on a multitude of packaging forms, not only assures food freshness but also contributes to reducing plastic waste, all while complying with FDA and BfR food contact standards.

Emerging from Melodea’s award-winning bio-based MelOx technology, MelOx NGen™ is a green alternative to petroleum-based materials like EVOH and met-PET. It fits into the global efforts to counteract the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste, aligning with initiatives such as the EU’s Plastic Waste Directive.

Indeed, MelOx NGen™ arrives at a significant moment in history, as the world grapples with escalating environmental crises. Through this product, Melodea aims to push forward the notion of the circular economy, integrating plastic packaging into the recycling process in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

MelOx NGen™ is also garnering attention in the sustainability sector, landing a spot as a finalist in the esteemed Sustainability Awards 2023. With the world on a quest for more eco-friendly alternatives, MelOx NGen™ has the potential to significantly reshape the future of plastic packaging and recycling.


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