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Merck India’s 3rd Annual Pharma Forum 2022 in Hyderabad on August 10, 2022

National, 2nd August 2022: The Process Solutions division of Merck India has announced its 3rd Annual Pharma Forum in Hyderabad on August 10, 2022.
The focus of the event is “Shaping the next gen processing of pharma manufacturing”. The forum creates a platform for deep dive discussions with the industry experts on the future of the BioPharma manufacturing, providing the latest insights on the process trends and quality approach in aseptic processing and discuss the regulations around it. 
Renowned industry experts like Dr Ranjit Barshikar, CEO QbD International, QbD / cGMP Consulting, United Nations Adviser, Geneva, Somasundaram G., Senior Consultant, Asia Pacific, Process Solutions, Merck KGaA, Ramesh Raju, Head of Operations, Validation Services lab, Merck KGaA amongst others. These experts will share their views from their respective areas of expertise, followed by a panel discussion on the most discussed topics in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Merck India has been creating various platforms for the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry in India to discuss the latest trends by bringing together eminent leaders from the industry and the subject matter experts across the globe. Merck has a vision where innovations in products and services as well digital offerings help create solutions for people globally and a sustainable future for generations to come. We also take an active role in shaping the future enabling brilliant people to solve global challenges.
This thought leadership platform Pharma Forum is a flagship event of Merck India, hosted annually with a focus on the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry to dive into a deeper discussion with the industry experts.
The Pharma Forum is a very diversified forum that takes the advantage of dynamism and interactivity. The platform motivates industry associates to not only learn from eminent speakers but equally clarify the queries and engage themselves in debates and discussions. Industry associates are encouraged to attend and share their knowledge acquired from past experiences.


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