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MGM Healthcare’s Remarkable Brain Surgery Saves Newborn’s Life

In a remarkable feat of medical expertise, MGM Healthcare, the premier quaternary care hospital in Chennai, successfully performed a complex brain surgery on a day-old newborn, saving the infant’s life. The skilled team, led by Dr. L.S. Harishchandra, a specialist in pediatric, epilepsy, and movement disorder surgery, collaborated with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit headed by Dr. Binu Ninan to carry out a two-step surgical procedure that removed a massive blood clot from the baby’s brain.

The newborn arrived at MGM Healthcare’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit from another hospital, exhibiting drowsiness and refusing to feed from the mother. A detailed examination, including an MRI, revealed a massive blood clot that compressed the brain stem, obstructing the normal flow of fluid in the brain.

Breathing, heartbeat, and maintaining a conscious state are all vital functions controlled by the brain stem. Any compression of this area can cause a significant impact on these essential functions. The only solution was to remove the clot promptly.

Dr. Harishchandra explained that operating on a newborn is a delicate and challenging procedure. The team had to be both meticulous and quick in the five-hour-long surgery. The baby received excellent care from the Neonatal team during the post-operative period, and their timely intervention and meticulous neonatal post-operative care were crucial in saving the infant’s life. The baby is now thriving, and her developmental milestones are on track.

Only about 100 such cases have been reported worldwide, and MGM Healthcare’s advanced infrastructure and robust support from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit enabled the hospital to perform such a complex and life-saving surgery.

This inspiring story of MGM Healthcare’s remarkable medical expertise and unwavering commitment to patient care is a testament to the hospital’s dedication to providing quality healthcare services to all those in need.


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