Spirulina-based chicken analog
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Microalgae Innovator Introduces Nutritionally Dense Plant-based Chicken Nuggets

AlgaeCore Technologies Ltd.’s food-tech innovator, SimpliiGood, is transforming the plant-based protein landscape with its new product – a breaded chicken cutlet analog primarily composed of spirulina. This microalgae-based food offers a fresh perspective in the booming market for meatless meat. The unique product mimics not only the appearance and taste of chicken breast but also packs a nutritional punch that could outperform real chicken.

Spirulina, often touted as a superfood, is known for its nutritional richness, offering a high concentration of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. SimpliiGood takes this powerhouse ingredient, accounting for 80% of the chicken analog, and enhances it with prebiotic fibers. This move could pave the way for plant-based food to offer a legitimate alternative to traditional protein sources.

In the face of a growing global population and environmental challenges, the move towards sustainable, plant-based proteins like spirulina is a significant step. The nutritional density of this superfood offers a real chance to feed more people with less impact on the planet.


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