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Nutrizoe Launches Zoe Bars, Empowering Women with On-the-Go Energy and Nutrition

Nutrizoe, a women-focused wellness brand, has unveiled Zoe Bars, India’s first energy bars custom-designed for women. These delicious bars are a nutritious and convenient snacking option that provides an instant energy boost while satisfying cravings for sweets. Made with 100% vegetarian, preservative-free ingredients, Zoe Bars are fortified with essential multivitamins and three types of protein – Whey, Biotin, and Folate – to support a healthy immune system, healthy hair & skin, strong bones, blood formation, energy boosting, and reducing the chances of osteoporosis.

“Women often face nutritional deficiencies due to busy lifestyles, and Zoe Bars help provide them with an easy, on-the-go option that delivers the necessary vitamins and minerals,” said Richa Pendake, CEO and Founder, Nutrizoe. “We designed these energy bars specifically to meet women’s dietary requirements, which are slightly different from men’s. With Zoe Bars, women can dismiss lethargy and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

Ideal for women of all ages, Zoe Bars come in a scrumptious chocolate flavor with real orange chunks. Empowering women with the energy and nutrition they need, Zoe Bars are the perfect solution for women on the move.


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