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Oncodesign, Covalab, CheMatech and ABX-CRO launch DRIVE™-MRT, a premium complete, integrated service offer for radiopharmaceuticals drug discovery and generation

ONCODESIGN (ALONC -FR0011766229), a French biopharmaceutical company dedicated to precision medicine, Covalab (Bron, France), a biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of custom antibodies, CheMatech (Dijon, France), the European leader in the design, synthesis and supply of chelating agents and ABX-CRO (Dresden, Germany), the globally leading full-service CRO for molecular imaging and radiotherapy, today announce their partnership. This strategic collaboration will launch the DRIVE™-MRT (Molecular RadioTherapy) solution. This innovative, premium service offer for therapeutic development is unique in nuclear medicine; it encompasses the full drug discovery process of theranostics, from therapeutic target validation, radiolabeled biological vector generation, lead optimization, preclinical candidate drug generation and IND, to the design and management of clinical trials.

The DRIVE™-MRT offer is based on the complementary knowledge and know-how of each partner representing an experienced and innovative network in nuclear medicine. It covers a full continuum of technologies related to the validation of targets, the generation and optimization of vectors, the radiochemistry and PET / SPECT imaging techniques, small animal and clinical dosimetry, and a dedicated support for regulatory and clinical studies specific to radiopharmaceuticals. The partners have also been working together for many years, including for the pharmaco-imaging platform PharmImage®.

This unique offer relies on the specific expertise and the international recognition of each partner in the field of nuclear medicine. The innovation of the DRIVE™-MRT offer is based on providing the clients with a continuum of innovative technological platforms (CovIsoLink®, PharmImage®, Qdose®) and corresponding expertise at each validation step in the development of theranostic drug candidates. The historic collaborations between the partners and their common, recognized expertise in the management of projects enable the global or partial support for the development of molecular radiotherapy and the corresponding diagnostic agent.

“We are thrilled with this new strategic partnership. We can now offer to our pharmaceutical clients a full-continuum, premium radiopharmaceutical drug discovery engine, from preclinic to clinic, together with leading partners. Historically, Oncodesign has delivered innovative drug discovery programs on behalf of third-party clients – this partnership heralds a new chapter for our integrated drug discovery DRIVE™ offer,” said Fabrice Viviani, general manager and head of the Oncodesign service business unit.

Covalab is pleased to be a part of this unique DRIVE-MRT project in which we are very keen to bring our know-how and innovative platforms in DNA immunization, nanobodies, humanization, etc. This will help in developing innovative molecules for the immunodiagnostic and immunoradiotherapy markets, which are gaining increasing attention from pharmaceutical companies,” explained Meddy El Alaoui, CSO at Covalab.

“We are really excited to launch this new service offer with our partners Oncodesign, Covalab and ABX-CRO. We can now supply our customers with a global solution and expertise ranging from the production of chelating agents, our core business, to clinical trials. This new step is key for CheMatech in the extension of our services in the development of radiopharmaceuticals,” said Frédéric Boschetti, CEO of CheMatech.

“ABX-CRO is delighted to be part of the DRIVE-MRT services offering to provide an integrated solution for theranostic radiopharmaceutical needs. It is now possible for customers to access a high-end nuclear medicine solution in oncology. All the specialties are brought together to offer a turnkey solution. With our unique translational medicine approach, we are ready to develop our clients’ products from early non-clinical studies to multicenter studies in humans, and to support our clients’ market authorization,” said Andreas Kluge, CEO and medical director of ABX-CRO.

The DRIVE™-MRT offer strengthens Oncodesign’s Integrated Drug Discovery Service offering, DRIVE-IDDSTM, including theranostics. The unique, comprehensive, DRIVE-MRT solution enables the rationalization, design and optimization of targeted and effective radiopharmaceuticals against specific cancers, demonstrating preclinical proof of safety margins and a clinical support plan.  

Oncodesign will organize a webinar in October 2021 to present the DRIVE-MRT solution and the expertise of its partners. Details of the webinar will be disclosed later.


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