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Orchids-International Schools to Celebrate World Mental Health Day

Orchids-The International School observed Mental Health Month starting 10th October to spread awareness about one of the most pressing issues in our lives today “Mental Wellbeing post-Covid”. Orchids will be organizing a series of events between 10th October and 10th November 2021 with all students, parents, and all teaching and non-teaching staff and their families.

To raise awareness among students, parents and staff regarding mental health issues, Orchids is organising a talk show on the same. Experts from the field of mental health will deal with this topic and help clear the doubts pertaining to mental wellness. They will be organizing a Laughter Therapy session and also a talk show with renowned doctors and mental health professionals on October 10.

Orchid International school has a special education stream called “Soch”- it is an initiative to monitor and counsel students regularly to ensure they also have emotional and psychological support from the school. “SOCH, which means “TO THINK” imparts Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) through selective modules to enhance students’ wisdom that develops self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for their success throughout life. SOCH also creates social awareness, goal setting, and responsible decision-making among other topics.

Commenting on the initiative Ms. Nehal J. Sequeira, Head – Department of Counselling and Remediation, Orchids-The International Schools said, “We Orchids believe sound mental health is fundamental for a child’s success in life and we work on holistic development of a child rather than only imparting bookish knowledge. We work closely with students to overcome their emotional challenges of stress, anxiety, depression or any other behavioral disorders that could undermine their academic success. We guide students, parents, and all staff of Orchid to follow healthy practices that would help them improve their mental health.”

During the awareness month, students of all branches of Orchids will be collaborating and developing educational videos and posters related to mental health. They will share their own SOCH culminating activity explaining how the SOCH program has enhanced their learning skills. The function’s final schedule will be presented in the counsellor’s talk show called “Orchadio Programs”featuring discussions between counselors and principal on topics that focus on students’ mental health like exam anxiety, challenges during adolescence, parent-child relationships, emotional well-being etc.

Orchids will release a video and a creative dialogue poster every week targeting important topics focusing on the significance of Mental Health in day-to-day life of everybody.


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