Medical team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai performing a heart transplant surgery
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Overcoming Amyloidosis: Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai Performs its Eighth Successful Heart Transplant

In a significant achievement, Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai recently performed its eighth successful heart transplant on a 40-year-old male patient suffering from the rare and debilitating condition known as Amyloidosis. The success of this operation underscores the importance of organ donation and the prowess of Apollo’s experienced heart transplant team.

Amyloidosis, characterized by the abnormal build-up of proteins in various body organs, had affected the patient’s heart, leading to heart failure. His only chance for survival was a heart transplant. After waiting for two years on the transplant list, his life was transformed on April 4th, 2023, when the hospital received information about a brain-dead individual at a South Mumbai hospital.

Under the proficient guidance of Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Consultant, CVTS, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, and his team, the heart was safely transported and transplanted successfully. Despite the financial difficulties faced by the patient, Apollo ensured that he received necessary healthcare through trust and crowd funding.

“The patient’s resilience and the unwavering support from his family helped him manage the disease while waiting for a heart donor. This case is an example of the power of medical science, and the importance of organ donation,” said Dr. Jadhav.

Apollo’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class health services continues to make a significant difference in patients’ lives, reaffirming the importance of organ donation and its life-saving potential.


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