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Pice Educare’s Attempt To Supply India Adequate Number Of Doctors

More than 10 years have passed and Pice Educare has been successful in moving close towards achieving its goal of supplying India with an adequate supply of doctors. As the doctor-patient ratio in India needs urgent attention, this organization helps correct this. The inadequacy of doctors in India is a serious issue. Pice Educare has a dream of solving this problem by producing more and more world-class physicians. To provide care and support to the people of India is a highly appreciable step. The members of Pice Educare have dedicated their sincere efforts to achieve this goal. In this process, Pice Educare has been considered the number 1 organization in the Education sector. Since 2010, the members have been assisting student admission in the top-ranked medical colleges. There is a brief account of the strenuous and remarkable journey of Pice Educare to serve India.

Helping The Healthcare Sector Improve

 The people of India have great faith in the healthcare providers as the healthcare system in India is bold enough. Very few Indians go to the United States or the UK for medical treatment that too in case of rare illnesses. The majority of Indians are satisfied with the medical treatment available in India. But, in spite of this, there has always been a major issue- that is the inadequate number of doctors in India. That’s why the hospitals run out of beds and the OPDs are always congested with thousands of patients. Within a few years, there needs to be a large number of qualified doctors to serve the populated nation.

India’s population has reached 1,399,383,625 (as of Tuesday, December 7, 2021, according to the Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data). The doctor-patient ratio in India is 1:1456 in 2020 which is against the ideal ratio of 1:1000 recommended by WHO. The government of India strives to adhere to the recommended doctor-patient ratio on or before 2024. This ratio can be corrected only if there are more and more qualified doctors. The motto of Pice Educare is to work for improving these records. Moreover, many students cannot afford the cost of studying MBBS due to a lack of funds. This organization has implemented many facilities that help aspirants to fulfill their dream. The fulfillment of their dreams will also fulfill the need of healthcare providers in the nation.

A New Start-up Preceded By A Decade Long Journey

Long 11 years have given this organization the opportunity to pursue its dream and create many milestones. As the journey of Pice has already crossed 11 years, it has in the way crossed many milestones. It has admitted more than 300 MBBS students and 1000+ students to other medical and paramedical courses. Moreover, The company has incorporated itself as a start-up (Startupindia) working in the Education Sector. As a start-up, it has new promises and milestones to achieve some of which have already been achieved. As a start-up, it has given great opportunities to its associates to grow and let others grow.

The Dream To Safeguard India With Qualified Doctors

The dream of making India a better place and safeguarding it with a sufficient number of qualified doctors had been conceived by the founder of Pice Educare, Mr. Basiruddin Shaikh (CEO and Managing Director). Mr. Shaikh has dedicated his life to serving the people of India by all means. He has realized the major issues related to healthcare and education in the ground most levels of India. He had always been working to improve education and healthcare for all. His attempts are reflected in the activities of Pice Educare and its various achievements.

The dream of Mr. Shaikh led to the establishment of the family called Pice Educare Pvt. Ltd. The members work day and night to make medical college admission easier for eligible and bright candidates. Apart from India, they assist student admission in foreign countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and many others where the professor-student ratio adheres to the recommended level. But, in India, caused by the great population the ratio cannot adhere to the recommended levels. That’s why students want to study medical courses outside India if they are eligible for that. As these countries provide effective medical education, this is beneficial for Indian students to learn from the best institutes and serve India after returning. Every year almost 83000 students take admission to the MBBS course in the Indian medical colleges. So, eligible students who want to study medical courses can go for it in foreign countries and can pursue their dreams of serving India after returning.

Not only Allopathic, but India really is in need of efficient Homoeopathic, Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Veterinary Doctors. This organization has succeeded in fulfilling the dreams of many- the dream of becoming a doctor.

A Step Towards Success: Career Counselling Free Of Cost

Pice’s motto has always been to make education accessible to all has been their motto. They have realized that many students in spite of having the talent cannot pursue their dream. To address this issue, Pice has launched free career counseling sessions to uplift the youth of India. Building a career is building life also. Students from the remotest corners of India join career counseling sessions chaired by experienced counselors. Many students due to financial issues cannot attend the paid counseling sessions arranged by other organizations. To solve this inconvenience, Pice Educare has started providing online and offline free counseling sessions.

 There are 558 medical colleges in India that offer 83275 MBBS seats. 289 medical colleges are under government management and 269 are private medical colleges. Many students get a chance to study medical courses here. But, still, students suffer from confusion. To solve this, Pice Educare promotes this free counseling session. There are more than 12.5 lakh doctors in India (in 2020) among which 3.71 lakh are specialists. Increasing this number is the main concern of Pice Educare.

Besides medical admission, it dedicatedly engages itself in social work and other charitable activities. Every year the members arrange blood donation camps along with other charitable activities. Book distribution among students is another important initiative. Medical students also get the basic books on Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology, etc as gifts from us. The organization has attained good fame in the education sector as it has managed to fulfill the dreams of a large number of students and parents. Moreover, gaining the confidence of the students is not a thing to be overlooked. As the students have been benefited similarly have the medical sector by getting the bright youngsters as qualified practitioners. The entire scenario of education needs to undergo major development and Pice Educare aims to do that through their constant efforts. With the great endeavor to change the educational and medical scenario of India Pice Educare looks forward to achieving more and more milestones.

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