An overview of key insights from Everteen's 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023
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Prioritizing Women’s Wellness: Insights from Everteen’s Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023

Everteen’s 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023 offers some significant insights into the impact of menstrual health on overall wellness of women. Nearly 10,000 menstruating women between 18 to 35 years participated in this survey conducted across various Indian cities.

Over 50% of the women reported disturbed sleep during the first two days of their periods, while 63.6% experienced moderate to severe menstrual cramps. Such issues not only impact their physical well-being but also have substantial implications for their mental and emotional health. The survey also indicates that a staggering 82.8% of women found it challenging to focus on work due to menstrual periods or associated pain, adding to the stress levels.

However, the survey also revealed a silver lining with more and more women becoming proactive about managing period pain. About 18.3% of women are already using menstrual cramps roll-on, demonstrating an increased focus on wellness during menstruation.


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