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Qwazent Joins Forces with Dimensions HRD: A Powerful Combination in Healthcare Recruitment

Qwazent Talent Solutions, a trailblazer in healthcare executive search since 2016, has recently joined forces with Dimensions HRD Consultants, a prominent provider of human resources development and talent management solutions. Over the years, Qwazent has established a strong client base while addressing the talent needs of the healthcare sector.

In 2022, Qwazent introduced Hyre, an advanced AI-driven recruitment platform that integrates human capabilities and data analytics to deliver the most suitable candidates for clients. The acquisition of Qwazent’s controlling stake by Dimension HRD is poised to expand Qwazent’s business volume, as Dimension’s wide-ranging clientele stands to gain from Qwazent’s specialized healthcare expertise.

This strategic acquisition is designed to reinforce Dimensions HRD’s offerings in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, capitalizing on Qwazent’s solid presence and reputation for excellence in talent management. The partnership brings together the strengths of both companies, enabling improved service delivery and fostering growth.

Dr. Shruti Nath, Mentor & Director of Qwazent, expressed her optimism about the collaboration, noting that Qwazent is now well-positioned for growth and will benefit from being part of a larger organization. She also commended Anish Handa, one of Qwazent’s founding shareholders and leader of Dimensions, for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Anish Handa reciprocated Dr. Nath’s enthusiasm, stating that he is thrilled to welcome Qwazent Talent Solutions into the Dimensions family. He believes that Qwazent’s expertise and experience in executive search will enhance existing offerings, providing even more value to clients.


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