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After dealing with a worldwide pandemic, people started to understand the worth of Ayurveda and implement the holistic and natural way to deal with diseases because somewhere we all want to heal naturally without any side effects from various kinds of health issues. So the question arises here what is that one thing in our body, on which all kinds of treatments depend. As you know everything depends on the power of our body to fight against diseases and that power is called immunity.  The immune system is the key to fight every kind of disease.

This is the demand of the time that there should be something magnificent that would directly strengthen our immune system.  Scientist and inventor Mr. Munir Khan dedicated his valuable experience and knowledge to invent a solution for spreading well-being.

The purpose behind every invention should be noble and Mr. Munir Khan had a passion and mission that aimed at the eradication of ailments and human sufferings. The pursuit of this mission gave birth to his passion. His noble work towards his passion was appreciated and he received awards like the 6th Bharat Ratna DR Ambedkar Award, all India Hakim Ajmal Khan Award, Aaj Tak Award for contribution to health care. Mr. Khan has been honored with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurveda from Keisie International University South Korea. Mr. Khan was also honored by C.M. Devendra Fadnavis for his formulations of ayurvedic medicines.

After inventing Body Revival Mr. Khan has finally found his way and he started his mission to heal patients of chronicle diseases related to organs like kidney and heart and deadly diseases like cancer. Body Revival prolonged life to so many cancer patients thus Body Revival became the greatest achievement of his life.

 Body Revival is a liquid suspension formula based on immunotherapy and cell regeneration. Body Revival is an innovative formula based on the principle of immunotherapy and cell regeneration with its roots deep in the science of Ayurveda.

It aims at strengthening the self-healing abilities of the body’s immune system to fight even diseases like cancer.The most amazing thing about Body Revival is that it has the power to heal diseases like cancer and it successfully alleviates patients for the last 25 years. Body Revival has positively affected one lakh patients till today; you must be wondering that how it is possible that an Ayurveda-based formulation can heal cancer.

It has effective results and our successful 25 years speak about its potential and effectiveness. Body Revival improves the body’s defense mechanism, flushes out toxins through excretion, promotes regeneration of healthy tissues and cells, aims at body detoxification and blood purification, and repairs the diseased cells.

Body Revival is a carefully prepared formula based on the principle of immunotherapy and cell regeneration with its roots deep in the science of   Ayurveda.

Body Revival has been clinically tested in the Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education Research by the government of West Bengal,

Body Revival has been successfully assessed by immune – potentiation action of standardized Indian herbal formulation.  And before approval, it is successfully tested for the effects of Body Revival on human platelet aggregation and myocardial ischemia in rats. It aims at strengthening the self-healing abilities of the body’s immune system to fight even chronic diseases like cancer.

Body revival is also helpful in removing the side effects of chemotherapy.

It has the goodness of Ayurveda and the effectiveness of immunotherapy. We all are familiar with Ayurveda as Ayurveda is considered the oldest healing science in Sanskrit; Ayurveda means the science of life.

And if we talk about immunotherapy, it is a type of cancer treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer.

Body Revival is more than a product.  It’s a faith of 25 years. It’s a dedication of a genius scientist and inventor and it is a hope for many people. It gave new life to so many people.

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