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Revolutionizing Iron Supplements: LLS Health Presents LIPOFER™ Vegan Gummies

LLS Health has introduced an innovative, plant-based iron-fortified gummy that utilizes their proprietary LIPOFER™ delivery format. The gummy is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with daily iron consumption, such as stomach upset and unpleasant taste. Developed as part of their Nutra 2.0 mission, the gummies cater to consumer needs for convenient and effective iron supplementation.

Iron pyrophosphate in LIPOFER™ is micronized and encapsulated in protective matrices, enhancing its functional properties such as better absorption, increased bioavailability, and reduced side effects. The microencapsulation technology also improves water dispersibility and minimizes interactions with other active ingredients, offering additional benefits for formulators.

The LIPOFER™ gummies will be showcased at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, stand #D60. These fortified gummies provide a high concentration of elemental iron, delivering 10mg in a single dose. This is higher than most iron-fortified gummies on the market, which typically contain only 3-5 mg of iron per gummy due to formulation challenges.

Several studies have proven the effectiveness of LIPOFER™ products, demonstrating increased iron absorption and improved bioavailability compared to standard iron salts and other commercially available products. These gummies are a testament to LLS Health’s commitment to creating innovative solutions that address the top concerns of supplement users, such as nutrient absorption and easy incorporation into daily routines.

LLS Health’s new consumer-led mission aims to help supplement makers align with consumer preferences, and the LIPOFER™ gummies are a prime example of this approach. With their appealing taste and format, the gummies offer a unique and attractive solution for individuals seeking a convenient and effective iron supplement.


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