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Save Earth Mission Steps Up with Cyclone Biporjoy Advisory for Affected Regions

In anticipation of Cyclone Biporjoy, Save Earth Mission has taken the initiative to issue an advisory to ensure the well-being of residents in the affected areas.

Cyclone Biporjoy is fast approaching, and Save Earth Mission, with its commitment to humanitarian causes, has issued an advisory outlining essential steps that individuals must take for their safety.

The advisory emphasizes the importance of water storage, emergency lighting, and stocking up on basic food items that do not require refrigeration. Keeping mobile phones charged and having a power bank as a backup is also stressed, as communication is crucial in emergencies.

Furthermore, the advisory urges residents to turn off gas cylinders and main electrical connections to prevent accidental fires. Safeguard solar panels by removing or securing them, and ensure vehicles are parked in secure locations.

Additionally, the advisory suggests keeping a stock of essential medicines and first-aid supplies and making sure pets are safe with enough food and water.

Save Earth Mission encourages communities to work together in these trying times and to keep abreast of updates from reliable sources.


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