Magnicool mattress with cooling technology
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Sleep Like Never Before with Magnicool – The Ultimate Cooling Mattress from Magniflex India

Have you ever wished for a solution to the uncomfortable nights in the sweltering summer heat? Magniflex India brings you the Magnicool mattress, a revolutionary product designed for those seeking ultimate comfort and a cool sleeping experience.

One of the key aspects of Magnicool is its ability to effectively lower the temperature, providing an immediate cooling sensation. This is made possible by the special Japanese fabric used in the mattress, which encourages optimal airflow and maintains a consistent microclimate for your body.

Dr. Shankar S. Biradar, a respected medical professional at Trust-in Hospital, Bangalore, highlighted the importance of body temperature regulation for good sleep quality. The fabrics in Magnicool are designed to function as thermostats, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their sleep quality through temperature management.

Moreover, Magnicool is crafted from quilted memoform material with an innovative massaging system. Along with super soft and hypoallergenic fiber padding, it provides unparalleled comfort and contouring for your body. The fabric also contains thousands of silicate micro-particles which are key in effectively reducing the temperature.

For those concerned about budget, Magniflex India introduces the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), which provides EMI options for the purchase of their products. This initiative emphasizes the importance of investing in one’s health through quality sleep.

A Magnicool customer, Franklin C, shared how the mattress has substantially improved his sleep by regulating his body temperature and providing a cooling sensation. With Magnicool, those distressing nights in the summer heat can be a thing of the past.

Embrace the cooling comfort of Magnicool and revolutionize your sleep experience.


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