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SRAM & MRAM Partners with Medmokk Enterprises to Diversify its Healthcare Portfolio

UK-based, global conglomerate, SRAM & MRAM Group have announced their collaboration with Hyderabad-based, Healthcare R&D company, Medmokk Enterprises. With the pact in place, the joint venture will work extensively in the Healthcare domain. The group will be investing in the R&D and expansion of the current portfolio. Medmokk is a leading R&D company involved in the Healthcare industry with a specific focus on General Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Allied activities. They are the producers of Aquaox solution and Dhvani, a low-cost hearing device. Recently, Medmokk introduced India’s first, patented “Oral health Remote Screening Device”.
During the Signing, of the MoU, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM & MRAM Group, Dr. Snigdha Mokkapati, Managing Partner, Medmokk Enterprises and other senior-level heads from both groups were present.

Medical devices play a highly critical role not only in screening, diagnosing and treating patients but also in restoring patients to normal lives and in regularly monitoring health indicators to prevent diseases. The future depends on the pace and extent of changes undertaken. Indian Dental Association is actively striving to take action to improve the oral health of the people.

The collaboration between SRAM & MRAM Group and Medmokk Enterprises is aimed to reach out to a larger audience with cutting-edge technology. Today the Healthcare industry has become one of India’s largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment. As the world changes, the healthcare industry must evolve to meet new needs and provide care.

Speaking on the collaboration, Hemalata Arumugam, CEO, SRAM & MRAM Group, SRAM & MRAM Group, quoted, “We are very excited to have an alliance with Medmokk Enterprises. We are optimistic about this alliance and expect a thriving business. We look forward to amplifying their knowledge base and experience and transform the healthcare vertical with advanced tech.”

“We are happy with the alliance. The collaboration will help us to ascertain the market leadership in the Healthcare vertical. With the patented technology and advanced R&D in Oral health, it will certainly help us to produce innovative tech healthcare products,” quoted, NVR Suresh, Executive Director, SRAM & MRAM Group.

The multi-dimensional SRAM & MRAM Group is a leading investor in global markets, with its core interests in Agro-products and Information Technology, with footprints spread across multifarious services, verticals and operations viz., Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Hedge Fund Management, FOREX Management, Hospitality Services & Solutions, Information Technology, Media & Publishing, Embedded Systems and Infrastructure, etc.

Speaking on the collaboration, Dr. Snigdha Mokkapati, Managing Partner, Medmokk Enterprises said, “We are happy to partner with SRAM & MRAM Group. With this alliance, we are hopeful of creating a niche for ourselves and for the joint venture.”


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